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The Flower Stores Customer Loyalty Program

Customer Loyalty Program

Under this program, The Flower Store commits to reward the customers who purchase frequently. At the flower store, we have been working on our products and services to maximize the value we provide to our customers in return. The customer satisfaction is one of our core value, something of utmost importance to us. This program is yet another proof of articulating our commitment to serve our customers better and reward them for their continuous patronage.


The Flowerstore customer loyalty program
The Flower Store’s Customer Loyalty Program!


How Does the Reward System Works?

Under this system, the more the customer buy, the more reward points they get, and the more reward points, the more discount they get, as a token of thanks for their repeated purchases.

When the customer buys from us, they are given reward points. 20 Reward points equal AED 1. So the more they buy, the more reward points. And for every 20 reward points, they are given AED 1 discount on their next purchase.

It is important the customer sign and purchase through their own account while purchasing for the second time.

It is also important to note that the coupon code and reward points cannot be redeemed at once. So the customer has to choose the best value for them.

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