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Roses: The Meanings of The Colors!

“Flowers make me irrationally happy.”

Alexa Von Tobel

 Gone are the days when merely women loved receiving flowers. In the modern times, men also love to be assured and reminded how much their friends and families love them.

Flowers are life. Though they are also sent when someone is dead, they signify different meanings of life. Different flowers signify different meanings. When it comes to flowers, Roses are one of the famous flowers people send to their loved ones. Today, we decided to write on the meanings of different colors of roses.


Red Roses:

Red Roses is a strong indication of love. Red roses with all red wrapping indicate sender’s passionate love and romantic intentions. However, these mixed with white, lavender flowers can also express the feelings of honor and admiration.

White Roses:

White signifies pure and innocent soul. These roses are used to express feelings of pure intentions, feelings of goodwill and friendship and a positive attitude. White flowers are usually combined with other flowers to diversify the meaning. For instance, a combination of few red roses and white roses signify the pure intentions in love, a pure love, and feelings of affection that is all positive, approaching and positive with pure intentions.

Pink Roses:

These are feminine color. Usually they express feelings of soft emotions, excitement and joy. Mixed with red roses, these can be sent to a woman or girl to signify your love for them. This leaves a strong mark on the female receivers. Mixed with white roses, these can be sent to a female receiver to impress them.  I can say this with confidence analyzing the sales data and messages composed by senders for the product Six Stolen Kisses Pink and Red. J

Blue Roses:

Blue is a luxury and mysterious color. Since they don’t occur naturally, they are unattainable so they also signify something that is unattainable. Blue mixed with red indicates the rich luxury and passionate and most importantly unconditional love. Blue mixed with white indicates the sender can go to any extent or height to show their friendship, loyalty and admiration to the receiver. Blue actually intensifies the meaning of other flowers. Pure blue rose’s bouquet indicates a heightened, passionate, affectionate and emotional relationship involving all kinds of senses.

Lavender Roses:

Lavender Flowers expresses deep respect, admiration and dignity. Light lavender shades also indicate the instant feelings of affection and love. The simple meaning of lavender roses are ‘I Adore You’. 9 Lavender mixed with 1 red rose expresses the feelings “I adore you and in love with you”.

Orange Roses:

Orange Roses are strong sign of energy and passion. These flowers are used to address the feeling of desire and wish with intensity and force.


Mixed Roses

Mixing Roses would mean mixing emotions. A Mixed Roses Bouquet identifies mixed emotions. This does not mean to express a confused soul, rather a state of emotional attachment with over whelming positive feelings of friendship, trust, affection, admiration and emotional attachment.

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