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4 Creative Ideas for Wedding Cakes & Chocolates

Wedding cakes are often one of the main attractions in wedding celebrations. A great wedding cake can set the atmosphere of the celebration, and make the event even more memorable. And while classic wedding cakes are timeless and enduring, going for a non-traditional wedding cake adds another layer of fun and personalisation to the festivities.

With that said, here are a few fun wedding cake & chocolate ideas to get you started:

1. Geeky

There are few things that can make your wedding cake more personalised than customising it to your favourite geeky hobby as a couple. Whether that’s binge watching your favourite TV series on Netflix or playing some ridiculously complex board game with your friends, couples can customise their wedding cake and chocolate giveaways to feature their favourite pastime. Love playing Lego together? Why not have Lego figures replace the traditional figurines on your wedding cake? A fan of Star Wars? Customise your cake with a Star Wars-themed design, complete with Han Solo and Princess Leia at the top! Don’t be afraid to experiment – after all, it’s your geeky wedding and your geeky cake!

2. Minimalist

Simplicity is elegance. If you want a cake that truly stands out, you can go for a simplistic and minimalistic design. A smooth three-tier cake of pure white icing can fit perfectly into virtually any motif or theme. Sprinkle a few delightful and understated sugar accents here and there, along with some white chocolate balls for giveaways, and you’re all set!

A minimalistic wedding cake can be a refreshing break from the oft-extravagant cakes you see in weddings, and is sure to be a tasteful accent to your ceremony.

3. Contemporary

Looking for something new and classy? Choose a contemporary design for your wedding cake! Play with geometric shapes and styles. Instead of the traditional cylindrical cake, maybe choose a combination of shapes to create a completely unique and new style.
Go against the grain and feature uneven layers on your cake, and accentuate it with chocolates sprinkled across the design. You can also play and experiment with various textures and colours. Instead of the traditional smooth white icing, you can go for an airbrushed texture, with warm or pastel colours. You can customise your cake to the motif your wedding!

4. Rustic

If you’ve got a rustic wedding, it makes sense to have a rustic-themed wedding cake and chocolate giveaways as well! Stylise your cake with a touch of the country feel, and give your ceremony a charming centerpiece. You can go for a wood grain texture with your cake, or have it designed like flapjacks or like multiple layers of pancakes. The key is to have fun and use your imagination!


3 Reasons for Red Roses Are the Perfect Gift:

Delicate and beautiful, red roses have been a favorite gift for many occasions. Whether it’s carefully selected three long-stemmed roses, or a whole bunch of vibrant, freshly picked reds, these flowers are can make any event extra special and memorable.
If you’re looking for a timeless gift that’s perfect for any occasion, here are three reasons why you should
choose a lovely bouquet of red roses.

1) Red roses are a classic symbol of love, romance, and affection. There is no better way to say, “I love you” than with a bouquet of red roses. It is the epitome of profound love, undying romance, and passionate affection. In fact, red roses are associated with
Aphrodite and Venus, the goddesses of love in Greek and Roman mythology. However, red roses are not limited to romantic love. Giving it to a family member or a friend expresses a similar message of love and appreciation, another reason why these are considered the ideal gift.

2) They are perfect for any occasion or celebration. Red roses are appropriate for any occasion – be it birthdays, wedding anniversaries, or Mother’s Day. They can also be used to show your appreciation for a valuable member of your team, or to say congratulations to a friend or loved one who just graduated or got promoted. Whatever the
occasion, red roses will never fail to make someone feel absolutely loved and appreciated.

3) Red roses make for a spectacular present. One of the appealing things about roses is they are naturally captivating and mesmerizing to look at. No matter if you’ve picked a single stem of an Ecuadorian red rose, or bought a huge vase filled with classic English red roses, their innate beauty and charm will surely brighten up the day
of your loved one. Browse our collection of red roses for the perfect gift.


Whether it’s a birthday, or a wedding anniversary, or your best friend has just become a mother of a beautiful child, it is always important to let your loved ones know how much you care about them.

The Flower gives you the opportunity to express yourself, to let them know they are very important, and that they hold a special place in your hearts and that you are so happy when they are happy.

Flowers have long been sent in human history to express feelings. Traditionally, most of the times for romantics occasion but as contemporary trends, they are sent to express different feelings. They are sent to express happiness, to express sadness, to express love and affection, to say thank you, to say sorry or just to say you have them on your mind.

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Besides wedding flowers, The Flower Store has got a special collection of bridal bouquets for you to keep your head high at weddings. These flower arrangements will melt your and the recipient’s hearts.

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