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How to care for your fresh flowers

Ever needed to grasp a way to keep your fresh arrangement for lasting longer than the standard three days? I am here to inform you as a florist from ‘the flower store’ and flower delivery in Dubai, it’s pretty easy…

Tip # 1. Put those blooms in water as before long as possible! water is life for flowers, the longer they keep out of the water the quicker they’re going to wilt and becomes…brown blooms.


Tip # 2. Always use a clean container, an unclean instrumentality can encourage bacterial growth which can shorten our flowers lifetime. Use contemporary heat water mixed with flowers food once putting flowers within the jar, make certain to get rid of any foliage that may be submerged underneath the water. this may encourage bacteria to grow and that we don’t need that.

Tip # 3. Do not place your stunning arrangement in direct daylight, during a draft area or next to the heater, flowers don’t like heat or direct sun, the warmth can build the flowers get dehydrated quicker.

Tip # 4. Whenever possible, get local flowers that are native to your state. These tend to last longer and a lot of unique trying. you’ll be able to notice these blooms at ‘the flower store’.

Tip # 5. Keep your arrangement during a cool spot, within the middle of your living room, room or on your side table that is my favorite spot to own flowers. you’ll be able to smell and see them as shortly as you come to life, how awesome isn’t it?

Tip # 6. For sunflowers, hydrangeas, poppies, roses or dahlias the stems need to be appalled into drinking the water thanks to the structure of the cells within the stems. This method referred to as “scalding”. First, you set a recent cut at very cheap of the stem, simply take about one in, off the stems, then dip the stem into about two inches of boiling water for twenty secs then place them into the water jar, can guarantee your flowers will keep tons underclassman, longer! the method helps the cells open up and drink a lot of water.

Tip # 7. Change the water within the jar each 2-3 days particularly once it gets cloudy, that is a proof your flowers would like new water.

Tip # 8. If your water came during a container with foam, add a small amount of water to the froth on a daily basis to confirm the flowers are becoming enough hydration.

Tip # 9. Always get flowers for yourself if the mood strikes, it’s sensible for the mind and spirit with none guilty calories.

Tip # 10. If you are having a grand previous event, contact ‘The Flower Store’ and that I can create magic happen for you, this can be my passion and it’s what I do best! drop us a line, I’d like to create new flowers bouquet for you.

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